Sunday, May 20, 2018
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Brief description
This is the first book for Justo Lamas, a talented young Argentinean singer who is considered by many as one of the most influential Latinos among North American youth. The concept of this book is to motivate and drive mostly young people to face life with the best and provide them with the most useful tools to be victorious in every situation and to fight for their dreams. This is Justo’s life message everywhere he goes.

In this unique bilingual (Spanish/English) flip-book, Justo shares his life experiences: a tough childhood marked with his mother’s illness and loss years later; his embarrassing stutter that highlighted his innate shyness; his parent’s separation; and endless situations that could well have been a setback to him.

The book also provides a section “From My Heart to Yours” on each chapter, encouraging the readers to underline and reflect upon those things that they can learn from life and overcome them. Every situation has a purpose in life, and there is nothing that can stop your dreams from coming true.

Author Information

Justo Lamas is a very gifted singer, composer and speaker from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who resides in Keller, Texas. Over the last few years, he has become a voice to the youth of the United States and throughout the world through his songs and his message. He is considered by many as one of the most influential Latinos among North American youth.

Justo has performed at numerous conferences in the USA school system, such as The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), Northeast Conference, Southern Conference SCOLT, Central States Conference, Texas FLA, Arizona FLA, and the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (NYSAFLT), which has honored him with the 2008 NYSAFLT National Culture Through the Arts Award. This annual award is given to a person who has spread the message of language and culture through the arts.

Why is Casa Creación/Strang Communications publishing this book?

Justo Lamas has done a masterful job helping young people to find their dreams through his concerts around the nation and other countries, including his native Argentina. His performance cover themes such as drug addiction, alcoholism, bulimia and anorexia. This book contains his life message with a motivating and uplifting message for anyone who is struggling with difficulties in life.

Thousands of youth are motivated and inspired through Justo Lamas concerts. He has visited more than 1,000 schools in USA and more than 3 million have seen him live. More teachers and school administrators invite Justo for concerts with the objective of imparting a message through his songs and his words to the young people. His popularity has surpassed the barriers of this nation, and today there are even more countries who have decided to invite him to carry out his presentations: Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, and many more

Justo Lamas opens his heart in a unique way to the youth and goes right to the point with their daily issues and teaches how to overcome them.

We recommend this book and we assure you that will be very encouriging for your life.

Bring this Program to Your School in 3 easy steps

  •   Requirements:
    An auditorium-theater-gymnasium, The Principal's approval, Select a date and time.

Before the Concert

  • JLG Concerts will send CDs and DVDs along with a flyer promoting the concert to all schools in the area. (The concert may also be for one school only).
  • JLG Concerts charges a very accessible fee for each student. There are no other expenses for the host school.
  • JLG Concerts does all the work, promoting the concert, taking reservations and collecting the schools' payments.
  • We provide the opportunity for the host school to raise funds with the concert. Upon request.
  • We offer scholarships to those students who can not pay.
  • We present our program during school hours.

Concert Preparation

  • JLG Concerts provides a CD and a DVD with the songs of the concert, activities, Karaoke Online and other free resources so that teachers may prepare their students.
  • The students of the host school have the opportunity to choreograph a dance with Justo Lamas during the concert.
  • If a student of the host school would like to sing on stage with Justo Lamas, this can be arranged. He or she should learn a song in the weeks previous to the concert. (Consult with JLG Concerts about the song for dancing and singing on stage)

During our program

  • Our program lasts two hours: one-and-a-half of concert time and 30 to 45 minutes after the show for autographs, available souvenirs, pictures, etc.
  • The students will receive a motivating message that will touch their lives positively.
  • Multimedia show with the lyrics of the songs.
  • Interaction between our artist and the public: the students actively participate with the concert at every moment.
  • During the show between each song there will be prizes, surprises, linguistic competition, voice competition, Karaoke, tounge-twisters, etc.

After the Concert

  • Concert Game: It is a team activity to be performed in the classroom with a projector, it is a fun game with questions and answers about the concert.
  • Flash Cards: A flash cards set to play the Concert Game without a projector.
  • Task Choice Sheet: Give each student a task choice sheet so they can choose what task they want to do after the concert. This is a great wat to get everyone involve in the concert preparation.
  • Concert Survey: It is a short personal survey where the students must put in practice what they learned during the concert.

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