Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Ennio in Concert

Ennio in Concert

Ennio Emmanuel is touring schools throughout the US and you don't want to be left behind. The concert last 2 hours in which there is a lot of interaction between Ennio and the students. The concert is made up of different styles of music and filled with Ennio's energy and talent.

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Program Benefits

The Justo Lamas Group Concerts are an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language through music. Since 1998 Justo Lamas Group has been connecting thousand of students with the Spanish language and its culture.

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Reserve your tickets

Make a reservation now to take your Spanish students to a live concert. Don't worry if you don't have the final tickets count. You may place a tentative reservation now and adjuste it later. We understand that this might be subject to school approval. Tickets sell out fast!

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About Our Program

The Justo Lamas Group Concerts are an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language thru music. During the 12 years we have been taking the Concerts to Schools all around the USA, we have heard hundreds of Teachers say how our program has created in their students interest and enthusiasm for the Spanish language.

The JLG Concerts program is much more than a concert. It is an inspiring educational activity. While the students are having fun, they will also

  • Learn about the culture of Latin America in general
  • Become aware of modern Spanish-speaking young people customs.
  • Get excited about continuing their study of the Spanish language
  • Acquire many useful vocabulary words and languages structures.
  • Realize that English is also a foreign languages that is difficult to learn to speak.
  • Observe their American culture through the eyes of a foreigner.
  • Lose some stereotyped ideas about Spanish-speaking people.
  • Hear an affirmative life message about reaching their dreams.
  • Be encouraged to love all people regardless of their differences.
  • Learn not to give up in the face of the adversity.
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Bring this Program to Your School in 4 easy steps

1. Before the Concert
2. Getting ready for the Concert
3. During the Concert
4. After the Concert
  • JLG Concerts sends CDs and DVDs along with a flyer promoting the concert to all schools in the area. (The concert may also be for one school only).

    JLG Concerts charges a very accessible fee for each student. There are no other expenses for the host school.

    JLG Concerts does all the work, promoting the concert, taking reservations and collecting the schools' payments.

    We provide the opportunity for the host school to raise funds with the concert. Upon request.

    We offer scholarships to those students who can not pay.

    We present our program during school hours.

  • JLG Concerts provides a CD and a DVD with the songs of the concert, activities, Karaoke Online and other free resources so that teachers may prepare their students.

    The students of the host school have the opportunity to choreograph a dance with Justo Lamas during the concert.

    If a student of the host school would like to sing on stage with Justo Lamas, this can be arranged. He or she should learn a song in the weeks previous to the concert. (Consult with JLG Concerts about the song for dancing and singing on stage)

  • Our program lasts two hours: one-and-a-half of concert time and 30 to 45 minutes after the show for autographs, available souvenirs, pictures, etc.

    The students will receive a motivating message that will touch their lives positively.

    Multimedia show with the lyrics of the songs.

    Interaction between our artist and the public: the students actively participate with the concert at every moment.

    During the show between each song there will be prizes, surprises, linguistic competition, voice competition, Karaoke, tounge-twisters, etc.

  • Concert Game: It is a team activity to be performed in the classroom with a projector, it is a fun game with questions and answers about the concert.

    Flash Cards: A flash cards set to play the Concert Game without a projector.

    Task Choice Sheet: Give each student a task choice sheet so they can choose what task they want to do after the concert. This is a great wat to get everyone involve in the concert preparation.

    Concert Survey: It is a short personal survey where the students must put in practice what they learned during the concert.

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