Terms and Conditions

Step 1: We can hold this reservation without a deposit UNLESS we approach "sell-out" status, which means that there are more tentative reservations than there are seats in the theater. If that happens, we will notify you that we can no longer hold the tentative reservations without a deposit. At that time, you will have to finalize your numbers and send your payment. Seats are assigned in order of payment so as soon as you send your check you'll get a better location in the auditorium.

Step 2: o secure these assigned seats, the tickets should be paid in full at least ONE MONTH prior to the concert date (a purchase order will not be considered the same as "paid in full"). If you do a 50% down payment as soon as possible, we will have to ASSIGN your seats. Then if payment in full is received ONE MONTH before the show, we will hold those "priority" seats. If full payment is NOT received by that time, those seats will be released and assigned to those who have paid in full—your RESERVATIONS are not cancelled, only the reserved priority seats. You will then be given the best available seats when your payment is received. These rules were developed to help us avoid situations in which people make reservations and don't pay, or promise us they are coming and then just don't show up. There are no actual tickets issued. If you want you can make your own tickets or print them from our web site but is not required. You will check in and on the day of the show receive your seating assignments. Be sure to arrive at the door, not just to the parking lot, at least 20 minutes before show time.

Step 3: Write a check (school check if possible) to United Cultures Inc, and send it to: PO BOX 112276 - Carrollton, TX 75011 with the invoice you received in your e-mail right after you made your reservation (Include the PO number if you have one)